Kiel Center for Philosophy, Politics and Economics (KCPPE)

The Kiel Center for Philosophy, Politics and Economics (KCPPE) of the University of Kiel is an academic research center that is concerned with the philosophical and political foundations of the economy. We focus on the role of economics and politics in an age that is characterized by processes of global change.

By means of an integrative perspective, our research spans multiple disciplines, combining findings from economics, political theory, and ethics with philosophical concepts in an effort to shed light upon the consequences of economic and political liberalism. Through the combination of theoretical and practical research, we focus on the preconditions and constitution of modern market economies. Besides its interest in topics of the philosophy of economics, the KCPPE therefore also deals with issues of corporate responsibility, sustainability, distributive justice, and the configuration of the economic system on a global scale.


The KCPPE is affiliated with the Chair of Practical Philosophy and represents an academic research platform for students of the Master’s degree in ,,Practical Philosophy of the Economy and the Environment“.